Online webinar opportunity for athletes


Cejih Yung from CG Sports Management, Olympic Sports Agent, has developed some great webinars for the athletes, generally geared for athletes 12 and over. Parents and Coaches will find it interesting as well.

Information below:

We have gone ahead and scheduled a full lineup of free webinar + Q&A content for next week (always at 2pm - 3pm EST), which people can access through this handy link here:

Schedule includes: 

- Sunday's with "Mike and Mike" Michael Andrew and Michael Chadwick
- Monday Motivation with Josh Davis
- Tuesday Live Dryland Workouts with 400IM American Record Holder Katie Hoff
- Wednesdays with Elizabeth Beisel and a Special guest; 

- Thursday Mental Performance and Sports Psychology with Dr. Megan Cannon and Madisyn Cox
- Friday Parent Education with Kristy Kowal and Joan Beisel.