Fly Exercise: "The Triple Fly"

A huge thanks to Swimmer Dylan Edge for coming over to my house to demonstrate the Triple Fly exercise. This exercise is a great quality movement exercise. It will help engage muscles in your back and around your shoulder blades along with activating your core and helping you with some very basic Butterfly breath, recovery, and landing technique.

Visit this YouTube link to watch the 5 minute tutorial starring Desert Thunder's very own, Dylan Edge:

After mastering this exercise slowly with no resistance, it is possible to make it more challenging by adding very light weights in the hands, but no one should jump straight to holding weights. 


1) Engage every muscle from finger tip to toe tip. This alone will increase the intensity of the exercise.

2) Move slowly and deliberately... the slower you execute each round of Triple Fly the longer you are holding Superman, which is great core work. 

3) Keep your butt and gut strong! Hold your big toes together firmly!

4) No wrinkles in the neck.

5) Keep elbows slightly rounded (not locked), wrists strong, and fingers extended.

6) Move your arms like you are moving them through mud... create your own resistance to make it harder.

7) If you just "flop and fling" you will not get anything from this exercise.

Start with 10 rounds (the video demonstrates 2 rounds). Other videos to come of quality strength movement tutorial.