Dear Parents,

I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during these uncertain times. If you have been adversely affected by hospitalization or lay off/loss of income due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please let me know.

I would like to bring everyone up to date on where we stand.

  • We view the first week of our break (March 16-22) to be our Spring Break which was originally scheduled for April. The second week of our break (March 23-27) will extend our season by one week to now end on Friday May 22nd, instead of May 15th.
  • Before April 1st, your accounts will be credited for the 5 weeks of training we will miss since Fairland will not reopen until May 1. (March 30 – May 1)
    • This credit will be used towards any outstanding fees, such as meet fees, etc., from the 2019-20 year, or
    • Transferred to your registration with MSSC for 2020-21, or
    • If you plan to continue training with MSSC over the summer, transferred to summer swim training fees.
  • MSSC has lost significant income in the cancellation of Spring Champs. With the uncertainty of our Early Bird Long Course Meet, it will be helpful, if you are financially able, for you to continue to pay your program fees so that MSSC can pay its employees during this time.  I understand that many people are affected financially by this crisis and I ask that you let me know if you cannot have your balance cleared by April 24th for 8 payment plans and June 24th for 10 payment plans.
  • Early Bird will be rescheduled, if possible, to May 16 -17. However, the meet will be canceled if the state of emergency in Maryland has not been lifted.
  • Volunteer service hours will be reduced 10 hours per swim meet that is canceled.

I wanted to update you on the steps we have taken to ensure the health and safety of our swimmers and staff.

  • We proactively canceled practice starting Friday March 13.
  • We have initiated video conference sessions for dryland trainings for the Senior athletes.
  • Dryland workouts were emailed to the parents of Junior Training Group athletes.
  • Dryland workouts/activity suggestions will be sent out for the remainder of the athletes.
  • We have created an Instagram account as well as a Facebook account to ensure that both swimmers and parents remain up to date with the latest news and information and also remain connected so we can continue to foster our team spirit in spite of these uncertain times.

We hope to get back to normal routine as soon as possible however, right now it is important to take a deep breath and realize that our health and the health of those around us is more important than any organized activity we may miss due to this health crisis. Thank you for your continued involvement with MSSC.


Lynne Gerlach