BLA update

Blackline Aquatics Update

A lot has happened in the last week and the immediate future promises to be the same. Having said that we have come up with a plan. This will be reassessed as needed over the next few weeks and or months.


Starting April 1 we will be pausing all swim dues for the month of April. The earliest we will start would Monday April 13th. If we can get in the water on April 13th, we will manually bill you for 40% of the month. If this continues past April we will do the same with each month and on into the future as circumstances dictate. The hope is that at some point this season we will be able to get back to our program but we are also aware that anything is possible.


If anyone has an issue with this please contact me and we will resolve it now. While monthly dues are a vital part of helping us stay whole financially it cannot be a priority right now. We will reassess this as well as we get more information about how long we will be out of the water.


Coaches salaries. My number goal is make sure that club is stable for when we start again. In the 15th and 30th I will access where we are as a club.


This next point is tough but if you know me I will address it. If anyone feels they can continue their monthly dues over this time please let me know as we can use that to continue to help the coaches. This will better help us have the ability to jump back into what we love to do when that time comes…and it will come at some point.


Meanwhile we will continue to reach out to our team and be involved in their training as that feeds our soul. Coaches love to coach so this time away has been agonizing. We will start dryland videos and programs on Monday, March 30th and we will follow the guidelines from USA swimming.