Workouts for the time away from the pool

Dear Parents,
We have devised a short series of suggested workouts for your swimmer (and yourself if you wish!). These workouts encompass a full body range of exercises and are aimed at maintaining and enhancing the physical and mental fitness of your swimmer. Please check your email for the attachment.
What you’ll need:
• Plenty of room, at least six feet of space on all sides
• Tennis shoes, or sneakers. It is not recommended that you wear flip flops, crocs, sandals, etc or go barefoot while doing these exercises
• Plenty of water! Fill up at least 15-20oz water bottle and keep it within reach
• Light fitting clothes such as T-shirt and shorts. It is not recommended to wear jeans, long sleeve shirts or sweatpants as this could cause overheating.
• A good attitude! A good attitude can go a long way towards pushing yourself through these exercises.
Parents: Please review the following schedule and all exercise descriptions so that you can ensure your child is doing each exercise correctly and efficiently. Correct form in every exercise is essential to avoiding injury and maximizing the benefit of the workout. Parental supervision is highly recommended when your child is completing the workouts. In addition, we highly recommend these workouts are completed on a set schedule. For example, Mon-Wed-Fri at 4 pm. Setting a schedule is important because it ensures consistency, frequency, and efficiency which are all necessary components in achieving and maintaining physical and mental fitness. Please be aware that by sharing these exercises with your swimmer, you are taking responsibility for the workouts and any occurrences therein. That being said, these workouts are designed to be beginner friendly, fairly low impact, but still challenging. If your child is experiencing pain or discomfort, please discontinue these workouts. Please reach out to us for exercise modifications if they are needed.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Lynne!
The MSSC Staff