Push Up Progression

A huge thanks to Swimmer Vincent for helping make a video on push up progressions. Push ups are a fantastic exercise for gaining valuable swimming strength and shoulder protection. No matter how great an exercise is, if it's done wrong or sloppy, it can cause more harm than good. 

Whether you struggle with push ups or are pretty strong at them, this video is a good reminder of the basics, especially regarding set up. At the end of the video Vincent demonstrates the "Hand Release Push Up". This particular version of the push up is a fantastic exercise for helping you train to hold good push up form down and up, while allowing a break as needed inside the push up. While it's great to be able to do a lot of push ups, you need to spend time focusing on quality over quantity. 

If you struggle to complete a proper push up on the ground, utilize furniture, fireplace mantles, steps, or other raised stable platforms to make the angle of the push up less difficult allowing you to perform the perfect push up. Gradually, work your way to the ground after you consistently performing great push ups at a less difficult angle.

Please visit the youtube link below to watch Vincent demonstrate various push up details and and progressions: