Yoga Positions To Help Fly

A big thank you to Aspen Smith, a Senior at Corona Del Sol High School, for dropping by to demonstrate four variations of yoga positions for stretching, strengthening, and skill refinement for fly, and somewhat breaststroke. The neighbor's landscaping crew came by during the filming. In case you could not hear, she is headed to Embry-Riddle University 

I am not pretending to be a yoga instructor, and acknowledge anyone experienced could find holes in what I'm explaining, but the bottom line is some version of the exercises will benefit your breathing, flexiblity, joint release, and learned positioning for the Butterfly landing.

The four postures are Upward Dog, Downward Dog, Child's Pose, and Puppy Pose. A couple details to think about in each. Make sure you are breathing deeply with extended exhales in each posture...

Upward Dog: keep shoulder blades anchored flat on your back and slide them toward your hips, away from your neck. 

Downward Dog: drop heels to floor, shoulder blades flat on back and slid toward hips, create a straight line from your hip socket through your torso to where your hands contact the floor, and press your chest back toward you knees.

Child's Pose: Let your torso fall to the floor with arms fully extended out in front of you.

Puppy Pose: With arms extended and hips lifted straight above the knees let your chest fall to the floor between the arm contact and the high hips. This allows your body to move better through the "chest press" phase of a harmonic or body dolphin movement for full fly stroke or even to move better underwater.

Your movement between the postures should be engaging and deliberate. Be concious in every move you make into and out of the postures. Visit them for a few minutes when you are bored, and a few times per day.

See the link below: