March billing
Greetings parents,

We hope that you are well and finding some type of a routine in your daily and family life.

While we would love to have the kids back in the pool, that does not appear to be possible in the immediate future.

Normally, we would be sending out invoices today for the March fees, and then again next month for the April fees. However, with many changes in the world that we are living in right now, we want to extend the ability to either payoff your entire balance due, or you may defer any amounts due until April, with no late fees added in those instances.

We are also looking into how to handle the finalization of the swim-a-thon. More information on how we may handle that will follow in a separate email.

We hope that everyone has continued good health and that we can eventually get back into the water!

Thank you for your cooperation and wishes of good health to you all.

SAC Board Members