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Hello Swim Family!


We miss you all so much! We can't wait to be able to get back in the water and back to leading swim camps. In the meantime, we are working to provide fun, educational, and interactive content to help swimmers stay engaged and connected to swimming. 


This past week was a great week with 10 broadcasts covering everything from Balancing School and Swimming, Yoga, and Mental Training Skills.  If you weren't able to watch and participate live, you can find the replays HERE .


This coming week we will have 10 new FREE LIVE broadcasts!  You can also bookmark the page  to always stay up to date on upcoming broadcasts.



Below is a list of our FFT Live schedule for this coming week!


Learning from Failure - Mental Skills Training





For Swimmers Ages 13 & Older  and Coaches



The best swimmers in the world use every experience, including failure, as a growing opportunity. Learn how to develop a growth mindset and become a stronger person. 




Monday, April 13: 4pm EST



Olympic Gold Medalist Tyler Clary, Five-time Olympian Brett Hawke, and Founder of Fitter and Faster David Arluck

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Mindset Monday - Girls Only!





For Female Swimmers



Three elite swimmers and strong women will discuss common issues that girls face and how to become a more confident female! 




Monday, April 13: 6pm EST



Olympic medalist Kim Vandenberg, Two-time Olympian Chloe Sutton, and Olympic Trials Qualifier Marina Spadoni

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Growing up in a Swimming Family - The DeLoofs





For Swimmers, Parents, and Coaches



All 4 of the DeLoof sisters competed at the University of Michigan and have reached an elite level in swimming. Learn about this amazing family and what it's like to have 4 elite swimmers! 




Tuesday, April 14: 5pm EST



Five-Time Olympian Brett Hawke hosts Swimmers Ali, Gabby, Catie, and Jackie DeLoof and their Parents Richard and Patty

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Breaking Down Breaststroke





For Swimmers and Coaches



Breaststroke technique is so important to being able to generate speed and maintain momentum through the whole stroke. Learn from two expert swimmers and coaches on the most important components (as well as those often overlooked) of a fast breaststroke!  


Wed. April 15 : 12pm EST



Led by Five-Time Olympian as a swimmer and coach Brett Hawke and SEC Champion Michael Duderstadt

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Will We Be Ready to Return to the Pool as Soon as it is Safe?





For Coaches, Parents, and Business Leaders in Swimming



Three leaders in the sport will ask questions regarding what “returning to swimming” could look like when it happens… and offer suggestions on how teams and families can prepare for the unexpected.  


Wed. April 15 : 3pm EST



Led by Managing Director of Sport Development for USA Swimming Joel Shinofield, Olympic Gold Medalist and Co-Founder of SwimSwam Mel Stewart, and Founder of Fitter and Faster Swim Camps David Arluck

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Breaking Down Freestyle





For Swimmers and Coaches



Freestyle is the stroke you swim more and any other! It is highly technical and can always be improved. Work through the mechanics of the pull, kick, rotation, breath, AND how each piece must fit together in order to create a strong and connected freestyle stroke. 


Thursday, April 16: 12pm EST



Led by Olympic gold medalist Tyler Clary, Olympian Shane Ryan, and American Record Holder Tyler Messerschmidt!

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Athlete Nutrition and Cooking Habits





For Swimmers, Parents, and Coaches



Learn about the nutrients that can help swimmers have more energy during practice and racing, help build muscle, and aid in recovery! Then learn how to cook a recipe designed for athletes!


Thursday April 16: 6:00pm EST



Led by Olympic gold medalist Cierra Runge and two-time Olympian Chloe Sutton

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Breaking Down Front Starts





For Swimmers and Coaches



Learn the techniques of the fastest swimmers in the world and explode off of the blocks every time! Find your best starting position and what it takes to enter the water cleaner and faster.


Friday April 17: 5pm EST



Led by Five-Time Olympian Brett Hawke along with Four Time Olympian and Olympic gold medalist Roland Schoeman AND Paralympic Medalist Tucker Dupree

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Stroke Video Analysis





For Swimmers and Coaches



Watching both perfect technique as well as watching technique that needs improvement can be greatly beneficial to swimmers learning the intricacies of technique required to race faster. 


Friday April 17: 6pm EST



Led by Olympic gold medalist Tyler Clary and Coach Mike Murray

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Just Keep Swimming!




For Swimmers Ages 11 & Under



Let's have some fun and just keep swimming! Watch this to keep swimmers 11 & under engaged with swimming and having fun! 


Saturday April 18: 1pm EST



Led by Olympic gold medalist Tyler Clary and NCAP Coach Dory Halbe

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