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"The Ready Room": Combining Goal Setting and Visualization





For Swimmers Ages 13+  and Coaches



Join three elite athletes to learn how they utilize different goal setting strategies as well as visualization both during training and throughout the pandemic to keep them on track and moving forward!



Monday, April 27: 1:00 PM



Led by five-time Olympian Brett Hawke, Olympian Renzo Tjon-A-Joe, and Elite Clinician Hannah Ferrin.

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"FFT Insider": Olympic Legend Jenny Thompson





Swimmers, Parents, and Coaches



One of the greatest female athletes of ALL TIME! Olympic legend Jenny Thompson has TWELVE OLYMPIC MEDALS! Listen as we get inside her head and find out what she attributes her incredible success to. 



Tuesday, April 28: 1pm EST



Led by 5-time Olympian as both a swimmer and coach Brett Hawke, 12-time Olympic medalist Jenny Thompson, Fresno State head coach Jeanne Fleck, and McKendree University head coach Jimmy Tierney 

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"Breaking it Down": The 200 IM





For Swimmers and Coaches



The 200 IM is a fast paced and challenging race for swimmers of all levels! In this episode, two elite swimmers turned coaches will discuss the components and strategy that make up a fast and successful 200 IM!



Thursday, April 30: 5pm EST



Led by five-time Olympian as a swimmer and coach Brett Hawke and National Champion Austin Surhoff

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Fitter & Faster Fuel





For Swimmers, Parents, and Coaches



Learn all about essential nutrition for athletes AND learn a new recipe! Watch Cierra cook a meal that any swimmer can make and that is packed with good vitamins and nutrient for better performance



Thursday, April 30: 6pm EST



Led by Olympic gold medalist Cierra Runge and two-time Olympian Chloe Sutton

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Live Freestyle Demo - In an Endless Pool!





For Swimmers and Coaches



Swimmers will get to watch Olympic gold medalist Tyler Clary demonstrate his freestyle technique live in an Endless Pool and give viewers drills they can do on land to reinforce proper technique. Both he and coach Ben Lee will break down his stroke and discuss what makes it fast! 



Friday, May 1: 3:30pm EST



Led by Olympic gold medalist Tyler Clary and Coach Ben Lee

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