Update After Governor Ducey's Announcement

Good morning,

We wanted to update you after Governor Ducey's announcement to extend the stay home order until Mid-May. Obviously, the Governor's extension of stay home pushes out our return to the water. Below is a summary of what we do know at this point in time:

1. City of Chandler Aquatics has a re-opening plan for their pools, and club teams are slotted into Phase 2 of that plan, including us. They cannot start Phase 1 of the plan until the stay home order is lifted.

2. Chandler Unified School District has a special meeting on Monday where they will discuss the plan to re-open facilities in light of yesterday's announcement.

3. For any privately or gym owned competition pools that could possibly open upon lifting of the stay home order, they would be under such strict distancing parameters that getting use of that water will be difficult to unlikely. If we can get into privately owned competition pools, it would be small groups, short practices, and odd times.

4. USA Swimming has cancelled all July/August National meets, but AZ Swimming has not yet cancelled the Long Course season. I hate to speculate, but under the cirumstances I do not see how we can just return to normal meets as we are familiar with them. USA Swimming has publicized a virtual meet format, as a possible means for return to competition.

5. We are NOT taking a break in August, where we traditionally take a summer break. I figure this was a safe assumption, but wanted to confirm we will continue training all the way through August and just plan on getting a strong start to the short course season.

Again, more than anything I wish I could give you a concrete date of return to swim, but I cannot under these circumstances. As an example, I watched a business announce one week ago they were re-opening on May 1st. Many clients shared their elation, but now they have to announce they are delayed.

Since we are still in an "opt-in" scenario with dues without being able to offer in water coaching, we just wanted to be as up front with everyone as possible.

See you all soon,

Coach Bryan on behalf of the DTAC coaching staff