LAMVAC President's Update for May

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LAMVAC President's Update for May

LAMVAC Members,

I hope you and your families are safe and healthy. I think we can all say we miss the pool, especially as the weather has been so lovely.  As promised, here are a few updates for the club, based on recent announcements. LAMVAC will continue to waive dues for the month of May (Age Group or Masters). In addition:

  1. LAMVAC will be paying our coaches their current wages in May, without having the coaches sacrifice their sick/vacation pay. We have also applied for the Payment Protection Plan  and are awaiting a response.
  2. Our May meet has been canceled. We know many of you are dependent on the two annual meets for volunteer hours. When we are able to get back in the water, the board will review service hours and adjust as needed.
  3. Practice continues to be canceled, with the Shelter in Place and will resume when possible.
  4. If you would like a non-pool workout, please reach out directly to Coach Jose or Coach Ed.

Thank you all for supporting each other and please take care of yourself, family and friends!

Hoping we can be back in the water soon.

—Alicia Koht
President, Los Altos Mountain View Aquatic Club