PAC Summer Updates


Dear Pennridge Gators,

I know that this is a stressful time for all and we want to keep our Pennridge Gator family in the loop regarding the season.

First and foremost, this is a multifaceted decision, as not only are we guests of Menlo pool (which is run by the Perkasie Borough) but also, we are part of a league that has seven other pools involved.  

Last night, both the Borough and the Bux Mont Swim League had meetings and determined that a follow up meeting will need to occur on May 18th – which is already scheduled.  

Here is what we know:

  1.  On Friday, May 8th, the PA Department of Health is having a meeting with Parks and Rec departments which will outline their recommendations for pool openings.  Many pools, including Menlo, are awaiting these guidelines before any further decisions are made with regards to pool openings.  Harleysville is not opening this year.  Hatfield, Lansdale, Nor Gwyn, Souderton, Towamincin and Fanny Chapman are all hoping to open this year pending state department of health guidelines and financial viability.  
  2. The Menlo Aquatics Center will be refunding all of the pool memberships that have been collected thus far – this does not mean for certain that they will or will not be opening.  They have just determined that it will not only help families out at this time financially but will also assist them in determining how to prorate if there is any opening.
  3. The Borough is in support of resurfacing the competition pool (lap pool) and this will happen in June.
  4. The Borough will be filling the pool and getting ready for a potential opening on July 1st.  The details surrounding the openings, memberships, and regulations – as well as if PAC as a guest of Menlo can utilize the pool will not be determined until after May 18th.
  5. The Bux Mont league has not determined what the season, if there will be one, will look like yet.  This all hinges on not only pool openings but also if we would be able to follow the PA Department of Health recommendations.  The coaches of the league are meeting to discuss potential creative options; however, everything is still unknown given the recommendations by the PA Department of Health.

So, in summary:

  • You will see the Borough refunding your pool membership (not PAC membership through Team Unify) if you purchased one already.
  • The pool is getting ready for opening on July 1st TENTATIVELY.
  • The Bux Mont League is looking at creative abridged options; however, will be relying on the pool and state regulations.
  • May 8th is the PA Department of Health meeting with Parks and Rec which will help guide further.
  • May 18th is the next meeting for Bux Mont League as well as Perkasie Borough which will give us clearer steps further!


And do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns!