Final Newsletter of the 2020 Season

Nose Creek Shark School NEWSLETTER – April 2020

Hello Parents!

We hope everyone is doing as best as we can under the circumstances and will see everyone pool side in the fall.

A big thank you to all our families for supporting our program. We truly consider coaching your swimmers a privilege and value our time with them.

To all the front line workers, thank you from all the coaches of NCSA.


Once the registration package has been approved, you will receive an email with information with regards to our upcoming swim season. We truly hope to see all swimmers return.

You will be receiving your swimmer’s final progress report and their recommendation for registration in late May or early June.



Robin Loyola – Fundamentals

Each and every athlete that Zac, Linda and I had the pleasure to coach, should be incredibly proud of themselves. You all really improved and we all hope to see you return. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed getting to know you all. See you pool side soon!!

Zac McLeod - Stage 3

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. I’m so disappointed our season had to come to an early end. Every one of my swimmers showed great improvements in the water over the course of our short season. I was looking forward to our end of year fun meet to really be able to see the differences in technique. Times like now really helps us realize the little things we take for granted. Not being able to see the swimmers has made me realize the relationships my swimmers and I formed this season. I miss you guys!

This year was great and I hope you guys enjoyed your stage 3 experience, hoping everyone is ready for bigger and better things in the next season to come! I hope everyone has a great summer and can’t wait to see you all in September!

Jordyn Gagnon – Stage 2

Hello! This has been an eventful past two months, and I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this tumultuous time. While it is unfortunate that the season had to be cut short, I am still immensely proud of all of the progress that my groups have made! This was an awesome season, and it was an honor to see all of the growth that was made in such a short period of time. I commend all of the swimmers for all of the hard work they put into their swimming, and I thank them for making this an amazing season! I wish everyone the best in their future endeavors.

Caleb Sharpe – Stage 1

I hope you are all doing well.  I would like to thank everybody for the great season we had. Everyone worked hard and it was really fun coaching all of you, especially playing our games at the end of each practice. It’s sad that the season came to an early end as I was looking forward to seeing everyone show off their hard work in the Fun Meet.  I hope to see you all in the pool next season!

Ana Ortiz – Stage 1

Well it’s been a fun few months and I’m sad that our season was cut short. Thank you to all my swimmers for being an amazing group. I had a great time coaching and I’ll miss all the smiles and laughs we had. Stay safe everyone!!

Rhett Rosgen – Stage 1

I hope you all have been staying healthy and having fun with the little time away from school! I hope to see all of you next year so we can have double the fun and learning! Have a great summer.


Katelyn Stuart – Stage 3

It is very odd to think that I won't get to say goodbye to my swimmers on deck or at the fun meet this year. I have been coaching for a while now and taking the time to discuss how much our group has accomplished in the season has always been a highlight for me. The stage threes have been so dedicated this season and I have seen so much improvement in them. I also remember swimming in the fun meet when I was in NCSS and can appreciate the impact of missing it on the stage threes. I want each and every swimmer in my groups to know that I am so proud of them and their hard work this season! Although we won't be at the fun meet to show off our swimming skills and say goodbye, the stage three swimmers were AMAZING this season!

I can hardly wait to see everyone next season when things get back up and running! Until then, stay healthy and happy!

Erica Meller – Stage 2

Hi everyone I hope you’re all staying active and healthy. As you know our season has come to an unexpected end. I’m sad we didn’t finish the season as the swimmers were showing great potential and there were many skills to practice. We covered a lot this year and the swimmers picked up on new skills much faster than I had anticipated. Awesome job everyone! I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to coach all of you this season and I can’t wait to get back on deck and back in the water! I hope to see everyone next year for another fantastic season! 

Aimee Bereziuk – Stage 1

Hello parents and swimmers. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. As you’ve all heard, unfortunately our season has been cut short. With that news, I hope you are all keeping busy and spending lots of time with your families at home. I miss you all so much and I’m looking forward to seeing you all back in the water in September. Sending thanks to all the swim parents who are front line workers. See you guys soon.  

Cadence Carleton  – Stage 1

Hi everyone, I hope that you are all doing well and keeping safe. This has been a hard impact on everyone, and as a fellow athlete, losing my sport has impacted me so much greater than I would’ve imagined. I’ve been keeping active with at-home workouts to keep me ready for next season and I hope that you guys are finding ways to maintain physical activity too. It was wonderful to coach you all this year and see you all improve; this is why it is especially hard to see our season cut short. I can’t wait to be back in the pool by September (hopefully!), and see you all again! Stay safe and healthy, best wishes to all.

Sophia Greco – Stage 1

As we have been informed the swim season has come to an unfortunate ending. Also though I miss seeing your smiling face is on deck each week I hope I get to see you guys again next year. Though it is sad that school and swimming or cancelled this gives us a chance to spend time with our family and focus on things we really enjoy. I know I have been trying to stay in shape by exercising but most of the time I am completing my schoolwork. I really hope you guys are doing well and able to keep up with your schoolwork and exercising. I miss you guys’ loads. Summer activities that have helped me keep busy during this long time are taking my dog for walks, running, doing puzzles and trying new recipes. You guys can do the same! All the coaches are working extremely hard to get your report cards and recommendations into you as soon as possible. I hope to see you guys all on deck next year, have a fantastic summer!

Michaela McFarlane – Stage 1

I am so sad that our awesome season had to be cut short. Although this season did not end how any of us expected, that does not take away how proud I am of my swimmers and how far they have progressed. It has been an honour to teach such a great group of kids that loved being in the water, and were determined to improve. It has been hard to not see their smiles, and hear their laughter. I hope all of you are staying healthy and excited to return next season.