2020 Swim Season Update!

Swim Team Update Cinco de Mayo Style!

May is off to a great start! May Day, Star Wars and Taco Tuesday on Cinco de Mayo!  What other amazing things will happen this month?  Well, it looks like we may be "a go" for a modified swim season this summer!

There are still a lot of details to be worked out. . . but the swim league board has asked each team to explore moving ahead with summer swim with the following modified schedule: 

                June 15—first day of practice

                June 27—first meet

                August 1—Divisionals

                August 8—All Stars

The board will meet again on June 1st (or earlier if the situation changes) to continue the season discussion.  If, at any point, the governor extends the stay at home order past July 1, the season would be cancelled.

This Proposed Schedule aligns with the Cheshire Forest board’s projected opening of the pool—so that is good!  We recognize that we need to figure out how we can follow social distancing rules for practices, meets and any social activities. 

Our Cheshire team has always been about the family, fun and team work.  We want to continue our traditions while ensuring the safety of everyone. 

That is why I am asking for a group of volunteers (differing viewpoints wanted and needed!) to put together a list of concerns about this season and then offer up suggestions for how we work through this unusual time.  

This potential season won’t look like last year’s season—but what can it look like?  What if we did virtual meets?  What if we split up training more so there are fewer on deck?  What if we swam every other lane? I’m not proposing answers, just some ideas that I’ve heard from others.  I want to make sure we capture all of these great ideas and address the concerns.  And we need your help to make that happen!

Please email me at [email protected] or text me at 407-963-1094 to let me know that you would like to participate in this discussion.  We will have a meet up via zoom and then mostly through email. 

To get the conversation started, here is a link to USA swimming on their recommendations. 

Virtual Meets – USA Swimming Guidelines

Social Distancing – Practices – USA Swimming Plan Guidelines (practice suggestions/diagrams are on the last three pages)

I don’t want to make this harder than it needs to be.  I want to make sure we benefit from everyone’s thoughts and suggestions.  Thank you for your continued commitment to our Flying Fish and to our neighborhood.


Tracy Tucker

[email protected]