Dry Land with Coach Gabby and Coach Nick

You are all doing a great job at dry land!!! This is week six of dry land and  Coaches Nick and Gabby are doing a great job leading us in our future of fast swimming, so take advantage of their commitment in you..... We have 12 hours of Zoom per week for Seniors, Jr Elite and Junior Groups so don't hesitate to use it.  Senior group if you need or want more just ask the Coaches to add you in the extra sessions...Novice groups we miss you all too and USA swimming says no for you to do dry land but, I want you all doing a lot of running, biking and playing until we get back in the swim of things.....Keep up the good work and keep the faith!!!  We all will be back to swimming in the near future...It's coming and we will be ready for it.. with our dedication and our dry land making us bigger, faster, and stronger !!!   Keep it up and believe in yourself as I believe in you!!!!! We will weather the storm!!!      Rise above the storm and you will see the sunshine...WISC