2020 Season Canceled by FSSL

Dear Braddock Families & Friends-

It is with disappointment that we inform you that the Frederick Summer Swim League (FSSL) has decided to cancel the 2020 summer swim season due to the COVID-19 virus. The safety of our swimmers and families has always been our first priority and there is no way we could have ensured this with the large group of children that swim for the Barracudas. There is some good news- FSSL has decided to allow an extra "year of eligibility" to our 18 years olds. These swimmers will be allowed to compete in the FSSL next summer as a 19 year old!
This virus has robbed so much, from the mundane to the milestones, of our daily lives. We will miss watching our youngest swimmers complete their first lap in the pool, that middle schooler finally nailing their breaststroke without a DQ and that senior swimming their final race for a team they've been a part of since age 6. Being a Barracuda is more than just being a part of a team- we are a family that comes together to give our kids the best summer memories we can. The pool will still be there next year and we can not wait to hear "I said A BOOM CHICK A BOOM" once again.
We will be in touch over the summer as we will hold a virtual election for the 2021 Board of Directors. Please consider volunteering for a position on the Board as many of our dedicated veterans are stepping down. We also have plans to honor our seniors in a special way. Stay tuned for details.
See you next year.....Go Barracudas!!