Swim Team Update

In a normal year I would be sending out an email reminding you of practice after school today.  Unfortunately, 2020 has changed many plans for all of us.  We are still planning on doing swim team with those who wish to swim this summer--our timeline is still in a little in flux.

Last week the HOA board met and the earliest the pool will be opening is early July.  The swim league also met and decided that we would not have a formal season this year--but they encourage us to get our teams in the water when we can.  They are giving us total flexibility.  If we want to host virtual meets (we swim at our own pool and mesh times with the opposing team) we can--even if we are using just one timer per lane. Not for records or ribbons, but for our love of swim.  They will also allow all 2020 graduates to swim in 2021.

Our swim team has always been about more than the meets.  It's been about the camaraderie.  It's been about the team-building. It's been about personal growth. It's been about the leadership opportunities.  It's been about neighbors helping neighbors.  It's about making memories.

It still is.  Corona cannot hurt that.

To show our team spirit and to give our swimmers and neighbors something to look for on their walks--I encourage you to have your swimmers to draw a picture of a flying fish and hang it in your window, draw chalk art of something that reminds them of swim team, post a photo of swim team on their social media this week.  

After the June board meeting, I will send an update with hopefully a more detailed view of what our swim summer will look like.  Thank you all for your spirit and friendship.  Together we are better--even if it is six feet apart!


P.S.  Thank you to those that volunteered to help figure out what our season could look like--we will get together the later half of of June when we are closer to beginning.  Rules and practices for our summer seem to change weekly so I want us to work with the information we have closer to the season beginning.