Loggerhead Summer Practice Schedule

Good Evening Loggerhead!

We have some good news and are excited to keep moving forward in a positive direction as a team and a community.

We have multiple parts to this email, so please be sure to read all the way through.

We will begin with our group practice schedule in June.  This has been long awaited and we are excited to give our swimmers an opportunity to train together in a larger group while still adhering to social distance guidelines.  With the return to practice, we need to take extra precautions with more bodies in a closer proximity than with the previous lap swim schedule.  Please read through both waivers carefully and know that returning to a practice setting is a voluntary choice, if you decide that you are unable to return to practice at this time or will not agree to the conditions of the waivers please email either Coach Jacob ([email protected]) or Coach Hulvey ([email protected]) and we can place the account on hold.


There will be two waivers that will need to be completed as we return to group practice settings and transition out of lap swim.

Loggerhead Waiver                      JCPCDD Waiver

Both waivers will need to be completed and turned in prior to the swimmer being allowed to attend their practices beginning in June.  If the swimmer shows up to their assigned group without the completed waivers they will not be allowed into the facility

Please print and bring in a copy of BOTH waivers (two separate pages as they go to different sources).

*or your first day of practice

Social Distance Guidelines for our return to practice:

  1. Stay in your vehicle or outside the practice gates practicing social distancing until gate is opened by a Loggerhead Coach.  Wear a mask if waiting in the covered gate entrance.
  2. Enter the facility wearing a mask and head to the group staging area.  You must wear a mask through the entrance as well as the entire time at your staging area chair.
  3. Once given the okay by Loggerhead Coaching Staff, you may take off the mask and head to your designated starting end.
  4. Two swimmers will be assigned to each end of the pool with a total of four per lane.  This is a maximum; some groups will have less.  Swimmers will be kept over six feet apart at wall ends to promote suggested social distancing guidelines.
  5. Upon completion of the practice, swimmers will exit the pool and go to their staging area chairs.  They will dry off, remask, and then exit the facility via the side gate entrance by the administration building following proper distancing guidelines.  Prompt pick up is necessary on the admin side of the building, not the front gate (circle).
  6. Restroom use will be limited to the single stall restroom by the family pool at this time and for emergencies only.
  7. Swimmers must arrive in their suit and ready to go.  They should bring their mesh bag and essential personal items only.  No shared practice equipment will be provided.
  8. Only swimmers for the assigned group will be allowed on deck.  No spectators will be allowed at practice, however you may view practice from outside the white fences of the perimeter of the pool if you wish.  Swimmers may not switch groups.  If they cannot attend their assigned practice that day, they simply do not swim that day.
  9. Swimmers who cannot adhere to the new practice guidelines will be asked to leave practice.  Repeated violations will result in suspension of practice privileges.  This is regardless of intent or through maturity/age issues.  Please stress to your swimmers the importance and we will work with them for the first few practices, but for the safety of others, if the swimmer cannot follow the direction they cannot practice with the group.

Practice Schedule:

The schedule below also has who is assigned to what groups.  Please understand that our days are still very long and we will be working hard to give our swimmers the best coaching and time in the water on a daily basis.  I can confidently say we have some of the best training hours.
Practice lane assignments will be assigned as swimmers enter the facility on their first practice.  This will be assigned by their group coach and will be used for each practice.

Loggerhead Summer Training Schedule

Monthly Dues:

As we alluded to in a previous email, we wanted to send a thank you for your continued support in the month of April and May.  We will discount the month of June dues by 20% and will continue to look at the possibility of a July discount as well.  These will be based off of the normal billing group rate for your swimmer.
All billing roster groups will remain the same as previous months.  We will not edit previous group assignments or assess move ups at this time.  As we have a better understanding of the future we will begin to assess group placement for the fall schedule, first based on the changing of grades (5th – 6th, 8th-9th).

Olympic Development:

Please note that Olympic Development will be reinstated June 1.  You will be receiving an email from our Head Age Group Coach, Eric Jacob, shortly regarding the rosters and a hard opt-out deadline as we will need to solidify Groups and Staffing in a very short period of time.  The email will also discuss the registration fee for the summer as we are one month short of normal.

Thank You! :

Long time Florida Swim Official Robert Thompson passed away earlier today.  For those of you who do not know Robert, he was instrumental in getting Loggerhead set up to host our first meets, training our officials, and supporting our coaching staff for many years.  Robert was a face not only of Jacksonville swimming, but was a national and international official working many meets around the world, predominantly South America.  We wish to thank him for everything he has done for our club and our sport.  Robert, you will be missed but always remembered!


We look forward to getting back to practice!
-The Loggerhead Coaching Staff



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