May Update

D ear WWRX Families,

Under normal circumstances, we would be starting our rec season this week.  But this is the most unusual of years.  
According to the Governor's reopening plans, pools can reopen as of 6/20.  However, we have had no clear direction from the town or the Board of Education as to how or when we will be allowed to use the high school pool or any other town pools.  We are working on this, but this season, of course, will look nothing like any other season we've ever had before.
We are looking at all the guidelines from the CDC and from USA Swimming and our state league regarding how to safely be back in the water.  Our first priority will be the safety of our swimmers and coaches.  We are hopeful that we can safely have a training season.  It does not look like there will be meets for the time being.  
If we are able to get back in the water this summer, we will need everyone to help us by following all guidelines and protocols.  We don't have all the details, but as soon as we do, we will be sharing them with you.
We thank you for your patience as we navigate truly unchartered waters.  If you have any specific questions or suggestions, please reach out.  
See at the pool (hopefully!) soon,
Cathi Sasportas