BLA update pools

Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather we are having right now!

Pool and practice update:

I am waiting to send out all swimming information until later this weekend! I hear more news will be out today and we need to find out what is going on and it changes minute by minute it seems! Hang tight! I will have information for you this weekend on how we will move forward!

We are planning a test run at STA on June 10th and 11th. As of right now STA is the only pool we can rent. ISD 196 has not decided on when they will open for rentals if at all.
We have groups set up for STA and they will be sent out this weekend. I am waiting to see if there any changes as every day I find out something good and something bad regarding pools and practice!
The test groups will be SHPG and SP swimmers.
If we can start on June 15th, billing will $100 for June, full price for July and TBA for August depending on how long we practice in August.
Practices will be limited at STA as we only have 5 lanes and are working to fit everyone in a limited time frame.
Working with what we are given.