SOLO Phase 1 LIST Swimmers Starting June 22nd

Hello Swimmers and Parents,

We are working on the actual swimmers, that we will be able to have swim in phase 1.

If your not on the list and in the Advanced Age Group or older level. And would like that slot from now through Dec 2020, please send me an email: [email protected] to confirm your interest.

With one swimmer per lane, the team did not budget for this. As we work through this that is an area we are working on to keep the costs as low as possible. And still working the numbers.

SOLO did get a PPP loan, which will help. But again another area to figure out. 

Here are the swimmers that I have as of July 4th (1:00pm):

Seniors: Carson, Robbie, Drew, Eden, Elijah, Lulu, Ryan, Sela, Aadi, Julia 

PreSeniors: Riley, Annika, Thomas, Tzewa, Jack, Addie, Nupur, Adrian, Sidney Loftman, Izzy, Matthew, Hannah

Adv Age Group: Alexandra, Avery, Chloe, Arman, Lincoln, Van, Lexi, Clay C, Emily, Kate G, Elena, Maia, Kiki, Armin, Noah, Sevanna, Sabrina, JJ, Juliana, Sloane, Harper, Daphne

PLEASE let me know if your wanting to be added of taken off: [email protected]