6-17-2020 Swim Team Update--Copy of email sent to all

Happy June 17th!  The HOA board met last night and I am happy to report that they approved us moving ahead with the neighborhood summer swim team!  Things will look different, but we can still get our swimmers in the pool and figure out ways to build some fun in the time we have together. 

I read somewhere that calling our “new normal” social distancing is not correct.  What we need to do to be safe should be called physical distancing—we still have a need to be social.  We hope to keep the social in our swim team.

Here’s what the shortened season will look like:

Season:  July 6-August 7

Registration:  June 17-July 3

Practice begins:  July 6 (Practices will run Monday-Friday in the morning)  Note:  this date may move depending on how long it takes to get the pool inspections.  The board is moving on getting the inspections right away.

Meets:  We are planning one virtual meet for the end of the season.  If we can figure out a way to safely host a wacky/fun meet during July, we will (your creativity needed here!)

Fun Stuff:  We know that a lot of the joy of summer swim is the social, fun stuff and some volunteers have been brainstorming ideas.  Here are a few of them:

  • Big Fish Car parade to the Little Fish homes to meet their Little Fish—at a distance, like a birthday drive by. 
  • Fridays can still include our ice pops after practice!  We can do a Muffin Monday if we want!
  • Big and Little Fish can leave notes for each other on the pool fence. 
  • Outdoor Movie and/or tailgate (we need to find a space large enough to host this—maybe a church parking lot)
  • Team spirit rock painting at home followed by a family scavenger hunt
  • Family scavenger hunt in Cheshire without the rocks
  • Swim Team Pride—chalk drawings

We are totally open to other ideas if we can do it safely and there are volunteers to organize them!

Registration fee:  $50 per swimmer; $100 max per family.  If for some reason the season does not happen, all registration fees will be returned.

Suits & other gear:  Your swimmer will need to wear appropriate swim suits but no new team suit is required.  Goggles, fins and swim cap (for those with long hair) are needed.  We also ask that each swimmer bring their own water bottle and towel.  No sharing of items will be allowed.  Please label all items. 

Required to be able to join the team:  Your swimmer needs to live in Cheshire Forest at least part time, and for this year, they need to be able to swim across the pool on their own.

Practice Check-In:  Each day swimmers will be asked a series of questions about their health that they need to answer to be able to enter the pool deck.  We will have one entrance and a different exit.  We will use dots on the sidewalk and deck area to show swimmers where to be to help them stay the appropriate distance apart.  Again, standing apart does not mean they can’t talk to each other and catch up, it just means no wrestling (which they aren’t supposed to be doing anyway! 😊)

Volunteers:  We will need volunteers to help with checking swimmers in and to monitor the social distancing especially at first as we get the hang of things.  If we don’t have enough volunteers for a day of practice, we will need to cancel practice for that day.  I know how great our families are so I don’t worry about this—but it’s one of those “fine print” items.

Your Action is Needed:  Please let me know asap if you are planning on having your family participate in this abbreviated summer swim season.  We will need a minimum of 30 swimmers to have a team this year. 

If you are interested in joining the team, please complete the registration materials attached.  They will also be posted on the website soon.  We will also have some packets in an envelope in the Free Library by the clubhouse in the next few days.  Once completed, please make checks out to Cheshire Forest Flying Fish, and put your registration form and check in my mailbox (817 Orkney Ct.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 407-963-1094.

Looking forward to talking with you soon!


Tracy Tucker