LAMVAC Return to Pool Procedure

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LAMVAC Return to Pool Procedure


Only swimmers and coaches are allowed inside the pool deck. Parents and guardians will remain in their cars. 

If swimmers arrive early, they should remain in their cars or away from the pool entrance. If you arrive late you would have to wait for the designated coach in charge of pool entry to let you in.

If a parent or a guardian needs to talk to the coach, they would have to wear a mask and follow social distancing guidelines. A phone call to the coach is preferred. 


Upon arrival to the pool, swimmers must: 

  • Have a face mask on and will only be taken off right before entering the water.
  • Have their own training equipment - no sharing of equipment is allowed.
  • Must already have their swimsuit on.
  • Pre-showered at home.


Coaches and Volunteers

  • All coaches must wear masks at all times.
  • Social distancing between coaches is observed.
  • All coaches must make sure procedures are followed and enforce social distancing.
  • Mark designated areas for lineups and area for belongings.
  • A coach will be designated to monitor and enforce social distancing among swimmers and coaches in the pool area.
  • Frequent hand sanitation is required for all coaches and volunteers.



  • Only one user is allowed at a time.


Locker Rooms

  • Locker rooms are not available. Swimmers should shower before coming to the pool. There will be no changing of clothes; swimmers will leave the pool in their swimsuit. 


A coach will be posted on the entrance gate to question swimmers of the following:

  • You have a fevers, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills. headache, sore throat, new loss of smell or taste, or other symptons related to Covid-19 as listed by the CDC.
  • Anyone in your household has symptons or tested positive for Covid-19.
  • You have been exposed to anyone who has symptons or has tested positive for Covid-19.
  • Travelled within the last 14 days outside.
  • Have body temperatures checked when entering the practice venue. Anyone who has a temperature over 100.4°F / 39°C will not be allowed to enter.

  • The entrance gate will be closed one practice starts.


If a swimmer or coach answer "yes" to any of the above he/she will not be allowed to get in the pool area.  Further, the swimmer will be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days prior to returning to practice. 



Traffic flow in and out of the pool area: 

  1. There will be a coordinated entrance and exit of members when arriving and leaving the pool.  Entrance and exit points will be monitored by coaches and/or designated volunteers.
  2. Swimmers will be, at least, 6 feet apart while waiting in line to enter the pool.
  3. Once swimmers enter the pool they will fall in line, 6 feet apart, while waiting for a specific designated area for their belongings and their assigned training lanes. There will be one swimmer per lane unless they are from the same home-unit. This is determined by coaches who knows the swimmers.
  4. From each swimmer’s area for their belongings each will be called to go to their assigned lanes and which side of the lanes they will start.
  5. There should always be 6 feet apart between swimmers when resting or waiting for delegation of a workout.
  6. At end of practice each one will be called out of the lane to go to the designated area of their belongings.
  7. They will be lined up to coordinate exiting the pool while observing social distancing measures.
  8. There will be 10 minutes in between groups to allow for sanitation of "high touch" areas. A coach will be sanitizing all door handles, pool ladders and areas where a swimmer's belongings are placed. 

All swimmers must sign and return the following forms to be allowed to the pool:

Liabiltiy Release and Indemnification Form

LAMVAC Return to Pool Procedure Form