Swim Team Update 7-3-2020

Thank you to everyone who has already submitted your registrations for swim team!  As a reminder, all registrations are due by today, July 3, 2020 so we can put together a swim practice schedule that will allow us to maintain the optimum social distancing while providing the best practice environment possible.  

The schedule will be posted under the calendar section of the website as well as posted on the Flying Fish facebook page when it is finalized.  We already have over 60 swimmers registered!  Thank you to all who have already turned in your registrations!

I’ve gotten an update from Jennifer, our HOA manager, on where we stand on inspections.  She has had to take on this responsibility this year and has already completed the electrical inspection as well as turned in paperwork for the city inspection.  We still need the city to come out to give their stamp of approval.  We will start practice the day after the inspection is done. It is our hope that that will take place next week.  That is not guaranteed.  We will email, text and post on the Flying Fish facebook page when this happens. (And maybe send out some celebratory fireworks. . . jk)

When practice begins, if you decide the timing no longer works for your family this year, you will receive a full refund/your check will be returned (if we haven’t deposited it yet.)  There is no risk in turning in your registration by today—and it is necessary if you are interested in swimming this year.

Coach Manon and Coach Jada are on board again this year and are excited to get our swimmers in the water.  For those of you new to Cheshire, Coach Manon is the Great Bridge High School swim coach and was their 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year.  Coach Jada is a special education teacher in Greenbrier and has many years experience as a swimmer.  We thank them for their continued commitment to our team.

We will need a few volunteers each day of practice.  Signups will be on the website.  We will need someone to check in swimmers prior to them entering the pool deck who will ask the required health questions that were on the swim forms that you completed.  We will also need someone to be on the pool deck to make sure that social distancing is happening for those not in the pool.  We will need to spray down the hard surfaces that the swimmers touch and restrooms after each use.  Adults will need to wear masks and we ask that swimmers use them when not in the pool/in line to get in the pool.

Swimmers will be asked to keep their belongings in a bag and keep track of them—we will not be able to have a lost and found this year.  It is highly suggested that you label everything that your swimmer brings to practice:  goggles, fins, towel, water bottle.

Lastly, THANK YOU to all of our great swim families for your understanding and patience as we wade through this unique year!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email or call me at 407-963-1094.

See you soon!


Tracy Tucker