Big Fish Caravan to Little Fish Homes--Date Set!

Flying Fish Parents,

The 2020 Cheshire Forest Flying Fish season is about to begin!  While our season is different this year—we want to include as many memories and traditions as we can—including our Big Fish/Little Fish tradition!

This year, Big Fish are swimmers who are 10 years and older who have swum on the Cheshire Forest team before.  Their role is to be there to answer questions, give advice and make their Little Fish feel welcomed to the team.  Our goal is to promote team inclusion and provide leadership for our older/experienced teammates.  And to have some fun along the way!

Big Fish Families:

We are asking our Big Fish to participate in a neighborhood parade on Wednesday July 15th from 5:45-7:30.You can drive or ride your bikes.We encourage you to make a sign for your Little Fish to hang in their window, decorate your car or bike and/or think of other ways to make the parade fun! Bring candy to throw along the route! Hang a balloon on your car/bike! The route will go to each Little Fish’s home. We ask that each Big Fish complete their “Meet Your Big Fish” letter so that it can be delivered during the parade.  If a Big Fish can’t attend the parade, we ask that they deliver their Big Fish letter to Randi Corcoran at 913 Keeling by noon on Tuesday, July 14. Feel free to write your own letter!Be creative! Think of ways to make this fun!Think of it as a birthday parade on steroids!

Little Fish Families:

We hope you can be at home to see us stop by your home on Tuesday, July 14 from 6-7:30.If not, when you return, you will find a surprise on your lawn as well as a note from your Big Fish in your mailbox as well as a Get to Know Your Little Fish letter we hope your Little Fish will complete and bring to practice.Feel free to write your own letter!We will tape Little Fish letters to the fence for Big Fish to pick up.

Big Fish and Little Fish can continue their communication as they feel comfortable—setting up zoom calls, emailing, exchanging notes on the pool fence, etc.  That will be up to each individual swimmer and their family’s comfort level. 

We hope you support our desire to keep this tradition alive and look forward to seeing our Big Fish families in the clubhouse parking lot by 5:45 on Wednesday, July 15th.

Let Randi Corcoran, Michele Bright or Tracy Tucker know if you have any questions.  Hoping to see you soon!

Tracy, Randi and Michele

P.S.  Big Fish/Little Fish are posted on the Flying Fish facebook page as well as the sample Big Fish and Little Fish letters