CHS Coach Kerry Croswhite In ICU

Good afternoon,

Today I reach out to share the news that Chandler High School Head Swim and Dive Coach Kerry Croswhite is battling Covid-19 in the ICU. I've known for several days, but word is out now that he needs all the support and prayer he can get. His family and friends are organizing a collective prayer at 8 PM this evening, which can be supported from our own personal spaces. Desert Thunder will give Coach Croswhite the first minute of the new hour at 8 PM for all members on deck to lend their prayers, positive vibes, thoughts, well wishes, or anything else that resonates personally to the well-being of Coach Croswhite and his family.

Anyone who is finishing or starting practices at 8 PM, I ask to stick around for that minute keeping six feet of distance and masks on since it is a transition between practices. Parents of younger ones, please take a moment to talk to your swimmers about the significance and that we are only asking to everyone to lend support from within your own family's personal belief system for the benefit of the Croswhites.

I will cue the clock, so when it turns over to the new hour at 8 PM, that will literally be 8 PM. We will give Coach Kerry our silence in that first minute. I won't be able to call this out to everyone, so I just ask that everyone knows that's the plan and we can all make it happen together.

If you are interested in lending financial support to the Croswhite familly for medical expenses, please see the link below.


Coach Bryan