LCB Practice & Safety Information Letter



Barracuda families,

Thank you for registering your swimmer for the Fall/Winter Season. We are looking forward to the return to the pool on Monday, July 13 and hope to make the season as successful as possible while doing all we can to ensure the safety of our swimmers and coaches. It is long, but please read through the ENTIRE email as it contains important information our swim families must know so that we are in compliance with the school requirements that allow us to use the LCHS facilities. Please make sure you discuss the requirements with your swimmer(s) as we do not want to do anything that would cause us to lose access to the LCHS pool. These rules are absolute.  We cannot bend on any of the requirements to enter and use the facilities.

Practice Times

Practices will be 4 days a week Monday-Thursday, with no practices on Fridays. Swimmers cannot enter the building earlier than 10 minutes before the start of their practice and will not be allowed to practice for that day if they are more than 5 minutes late from the group start time. Parents must be prompt in picking up their swimmers at the end of practice. If parents are not on time picking up their swimmers, the swimmer will not be able to return to practice.  Group practice times are as follows:

Copper: 4:00-4:45 pm

Bronze: 4:30-5:45 pm

Silver: 4:45-6:15 pm

Required Forms

Attached are 2 forms – LCB Liability Waiver and COVID-19 Protocol. Both forms must be signed and returned to LCB before a swimmer is allowed to attend practice. Swimmers may bring the form on the first day they practice, but it is highly recommended that parents email the forms to [email protected]. On Saturday, a reminder email we go out to any parent that has not yet returned both forms.

COVID-19 Safety Precautions

  • All swimmers must wear a mask while entering and exiting the building and while on deck waiting for practice to begin. No one may enter the building without a mask. Coaches will be wearing masks for the entire time they are in the building, including during practice.
  • Parents may not enter the building for any reason.
  • You must drop off your swimmer at the front pool entrance at the beginning of practice. Do not pull up to the entrance and let your swimmer out at the door. For safety reasons, you must park in the parking lot and have your swimmer walk to the entrance from there.
  • Swimmers will exit the building by the side door of the pool (located at the south east corner of the building by the edge of the parking lot) and walk to their ride parked in the parking lot.
  • Swimmers must be picked up on time. If a swimmer has to wait outside for a ride, they will not be able to continue return to practice.
  • Locker rooms will be closed. Swimmers must wear their suits to and from the pool. Bags will be allowed in the building to carry water bottles, towels, googles, caps, etc.
  • Only 1 restroom (the classroom restroom) will be available for use during practice. Please have your swimmer use the restroom before practice.
  • If your swimmer is sick, displaying symptoms or COVID-19, or has a temperature of 100.1 or greater, they must stay home from practice.
  • Once swimmers enter the building they will enter the first set of doors (beside the pool classroom) to access the pool. They must immediately go to their section and sit while waiting for their group’s practice to begin.
  • Coaches will be taking attendance for each group daily. As always, though, practice is not mandatory.

Our coaching staff, at least until September, will be Jeff, Adam, Art, Logan, Josh, Trish, and Elly. We hope to have tryouts in September for new swimmers. We are looking forward to Monday, and can’t wait to see the swimmers back in the pool! If you have any questions, please contact LCB Head Coach Jeff Kilinski at [email protected] or LCB Board President Chaz Pacheco at [email protected].  


Thank You,

LCB Coaches & Board

Lake Central Barracudas

Team Partners