Big Fish Caravan to Little Fish Homes--Tonight is the Night!
Today is the day! Big Fish families--decorate your bikes/cars dress in your team colors--and meet us at the clubhouse parking lot at 5:45! If you can't come, please give your Big Fish letters to Randi Corcoran so we can deliver them tonight! Attached is the route we will take. If you can, please print it out--we will print out a few copies for those that don't have printers. THANK YOU Randi Corcoran for making this amazing route!
We will stay socially distant and remember to wear your masks!! (Note: If for health reasons, you are not able to wear a mask--that is okay. Because of healthcare laws, we are not allowed to ask about your health issues.)
LITTLE FISH--Today is your day! Decorate your driveway/sidewalk with Cheshire Forest swim team pride! Let us see your Flying Fish! If you aren't home today, we will leave some surprises for you on your lawn/in your mailbox! But we hope to see you at a distance tonight!
Thank you to Michele Bright and Randi Corcoran for organizing tonight's caravan! And to our awesome Chalk Art Committee-- Tara McCormack, Lee Beaty, or Melissa Constantine! Looking forward to seeing you soon!