Coaches Update!
Flying Fish,
The first two days of practice have gone amazingly well!!  Thank you for all of your cooperation and the volunteers who are helping to make this happen.
We do have a few reminders for our flying fish:
  • Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to practice start time -- and remember social distancing expectations (after checking in, swimmers are expected to stand/sit on one of the green tape strips on the clubhouse deck to social distance.  All swimmers need to stay off of the jungle gym while practices are going on.)
  • All swimmers need to have a secure fitting pair of goggles (and preferably a spare pair in their bag as well).  We will be asking swimmers who are continually fussing with their goggles to take them off and swim with out them -- as coaches will not be able to assist swimmers in adjusting goggles. 
  • Swimmers with long hair need to have their hair secured back in a ponytail or cap.
  • We will be using fins at practice -- so please send your swimmer with a pair of fins if you have them.  Please label both fins with swimmers first and last name.
  • Please remind swimmers to gather all belongings before they exit the pool -- as there is no lost and found this year.
Thank you!!!
Coach Manon, Jada, and Kaitlyn