Week 2 Swim Team Update!

WOW!  Your swimmers are AMAZING!  The amount of improvement has been just awesome!  It is great to see—and a reminder that each swimmer should base their success on their own path of improvement.  We focus on progress, not perfection. 

Week 2 Practice Times Are Changing!

7:00-7:40              9-10 year olds

7:45-8:15              6 and unders

8:20 -9:00            7-8 year olds

9:05-9:45              11-12 year olds

9:50-10:30           13 and older

The Great Mask and Playground Debate

Swimmers need to wear masks when they are coming to practice and while they are checking in and waiting to practice.  If your swimmer can’t wear a mask, we will have them stand a little separate from the rest of those waiting out of respect for the others.  We ask that swimmers not play on the playground during swim practice times.  We understand that some families come with their little/future swimmers and may use the playground.  They aren’t part of the team and won’t be interacting with other swimmers during practice.  We ask that parents wear masks while on the clubhouse deck.  Our volunteers are there for four hours and may at times when not interacting with our swimmers take breaks from wearing their mask.  They need to—it is hot out there.  Our swimmers are wearing their masks for less than 15 minutes.  I hope that everyone understands that we are working to have a commitment to safety while also keeping our volunteers healthy and not passing out.  Thank you to everyone for your understanding.

Photos will be Taken This Week!

Photomagic is a part of our Flying Fish family.  Debbie and Frank Sica helped start our neighborhood swim team and still live in Cheshire.  They also donate the SnoCone machine and supplies each year which is a popular item during swim meets!  While we are not able to take a team photo this year, Debbie will be at practice on Thursday (Friday, if there is rain) to take individual swimmer photos.  She will send out a link so you can see the photos and place an order if you choose.  I know we have some families that order an annual keepsake and wanted to make sure, even in this weird year, you are able to do that. 

Friday—Timers Needed!

On Friday each swimmer will have the opportunity to swim for time.  We will need one time for each lane –6 total if you can stay the whole time, if not, we will need 6 for each practice time.  We will also do a timed swim on Thursday, the following week so swimmers can see their progress.  Manon will have more information for our swimmers during the week. 

Red Rock Hunt

This week our oldest swimmers will be given rocks that are black and red to hide (in plain site so no gardens will be hurt!) for our swimmers to find.  When a swimmer finds a red rock they can bring it to practice for a sweet surprise.  We will ask them to re-hide their rock so someone else can find it.  This will be ongoing through the next two weeks.  If your swimmer finds a rock—they can feel free to add their initials, a fish or something else swim related to the rock.  We will post on Flying Fish fb page when the hunt begins—it will depend on the storms—when we can get them out.  Hopefully by Wednesday.

Thank you to all of your for your patience and great attitudes!  It makes it fun to work with you and your families!  See you soon!

Tracy (407-963-1094)