Swim Team Week 3 Update!

Thank you to all of our swim families who were able to help out on Saturday—and for your flexibility when we postponed Friday’s practice until Saturday.  Thank you to Coach for being available to come on Saturday.  When we weren’t able to swim on Friday due to green water, we just didn’t want to give up on that day of practice and timed swim.  Thank you to our lifeguards for getting the pool back in order so we could swim on Saturday!

Practice times are the same as Week 2, so our oldest get to sleep in again! 

Thursday:  We are going to have a 2nd timed swim on Thursday, so we will need extra volunteers again!  Please sign up at  Swimmers will warm up and have a short practice before the timed events.  On Saturday, parents were invited on the pool deck to cheer their swimmers on during the timed swim portion.  If we can be socially distant and wear masks and stay fewer than 50 people, we will do that again.  Even if we can’t let all parents on the pool deck because the crowd is too large, we can cheer from the clubhouse deck or by the fences on Thursday.  I’d like to make this happen because I think the swimmers loved it as much as the parents!

Friday: At the end of Friday’s practice, swimmers will receive a card with their times for the events they swam.  We encourage you to have your swimmer focus on their progress.  It can be an improved time.  It can be an improved stroke.  It can be learning how to breath or how to swim a new stroke.  It can be completing a 50 for the first time!  There have been so many successes just in these few weeks, that all of our swimmers have a real reason to be proud!

Red and Black Rocks are Out!  Have your swimmer be on the look out when walking around the neighborhood!  We have treats at check-in for those who bring in a rock!  Brothers and sisters of swimmers can turn in a rock as well!  We will ask swimmers to add their initials, paint a fish or something on their found rock and re-hide it once they receive their treat.  We had three turned in on Saturday!  We passed out 160 rocks—hmmmm. . . I wonder where they are?

Again, thank you to all of our swim families for your great attitudes and understanding!  It makes it fun for all of us!  If you have any questions, please, call or text me at 407-963-1094.


Tracy Tucker