LAMVAC President's Update for August

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LAMVAC President's Update for August 

LAMVAC Members,

We hope you and your family are safe and healthy. The LAMVAC Board would like to provide you with an update on the Aquatic Club since the COVID19 outbreak. Like with many organizations, sheltering in place and increased restrictions have impacted the Los Altos and Mountain View Aquatic Club. 

We are currently unable to operate at two pools entirely and only allow a reduced number of swimmers to participate. As you can imagine, this significantly affects our bottom line as we continue to experience a severe financial loss.

As I previously shared, we were able to apply and secure Protection Program (PPP) funds for LAMVAC. These funds enabled us to continue to pay all full-time LAMVAC coaches, March thru July. However, now the PPP funds have been exhausted. Also, we would like to acknowledge all the support we received from individual donations; thank you. 

The Board has been working hard with the City of Mountain View and Foothill College, to determine the near future activities for the Aquatic Club. Unfortunately, the Club will not be returning to swim at Foothill in the Fall. 

As a result, the Club needs to plan accordingly to continue to operate with only one pool and a limited number of swimmers (6) per workout time. LAMVAC has also been unable to get many of our swimmers back into the water, including our Master's Program. The Board has researched all options, including increasing fees. We have informed the staff of our financial situation and difficult decisions that have been made to continue operations. 

LAMVAC has had to make some tough decisions regarding staffing and compensation and as a result:

  • Coach Ed's final day with the Club was August 1, 2020. We wish Coach Ed all the best and appreciate his tenure with the Club. 
  • Coach Jose is currently working with the Board to renegotiate his contract.
  • Our other coach's hourly pay rate has been reduced, as well as the number of hours worked.   
  • Annual Dues for Age Group swimmers will increase from $235 to $250 effective September 1, 2020.

We have also retained the services of an employment attorney to help guide LAMVAC through this process. 

Separately, a few Board changes to announce:

  • I will be stepping down as President at the end of this swim season (August 31st). 
  • Liz Kooy will assume the President's responsibilities (previously she was our Meet Director). The Board is in great hands under Liz's leadership. 
  • Christie Heit has also stepped down as our Volunteer Coordinator. We thank Christie for all her efforts, and we will greatly miss her.

If anyone is interested in being part of the Board, please feel free to reach out to any of the current Board Members for additional details.

I want to personally thank all of the board members for the endless volunteer hours that you have spent supporting our Club. 


—Alicia Koht
President, Los Altos Mountain View Aquatic Club