We Have Pool Time!


We Have Pool Time!!!

Most of the following information has gone out to our membership in one form or another already. I just wanted to remind parents of a few points. 

  • There was an error in calculating the G3/4 fees the correct amount is 140/mo.
  • For those that have already registered the difference will be credited to your account.
  • When creating a new registration, I must deactivate all accounts.
  • Registering online does not automatically reactivate your account. I must manually check each one, make sure the swimmer is in the correct group, check their USAS status and process the payment. Once that is done, I activate the account.
  • At this time, only new swimmers (those moving from lessons to Jedi) need to pay the USAS registration fee of $70.


We Have Pool Time!!!

There is a lot to go over her so read carefully.

The board came to an agreement with the Carbondale Life Center. We have team pool hours. The bad news, it’s not cheap. The amount we are charging for the Fall registration is adjusted to cover this cost. Below is the planned weekly schedule. This schedule could change as other pools open up (or if the Life Center closes back down).

  • Monday- Little Grassy, 5PM-5:30 Dryland, 5:30-7:00 lake swim. Recommended for G3-4
  • Tuesday -Life Center 6-7 AM G3-4
  • Tuesday-- Little Grassy, 5PM-5:30 Dryland, 5:30-7:00 lake swim. Recommended for G3-4
  • Wednesday-Life Center 5-6 PM Jedi, G1, G2. 6-7:30 PM G3/4
  • Thursday-Life Center 6-7 AM G3-4
  • Thursday-Little Grassy, 5PM-5:30 Dryland, 5:30-7:00 lake swim. Recommended for G3-4
  • Friday-Life Center 5-6 PM Jedi, G1, G2. 6-7:30 PM G3/4
  • Saturday- Distance at the Lake G4 8-10 AM (through September-ish)
  • Saturday-Life Center 12:30-1:30 PM Jedi, G1, G2. 1:30-3:00 G3/4.

All swims at the lake need to be monitored by parents. Coach Thomas will lead the dryland, but swims remain a parent led activity.

For the Life Center. Just as previously stated when we thought we were getting back into the SIU Rec Center, Swimmers will show up in their suits. Locker rooms will be off limits. Swimmers must enter the building wearing a mask and keep it on until ready to enter the water. Parents will not be allowed in the building. We will be operating under a maximum of 30 swimmers and coaches in the facility at any time.

The fees that we are charging are based upon what it is costing us to rent the Life Center during this period. 

Jedi, G1, G2    76/month

G3, G4            140/month

If another facility becomes available to us these numbers may be adjusted.

I will be Removing all swimmers from active status on Sunday 8/15. The Registration will be open at this time. Space will be limited, so registration is open only to the first 75 swimmers that register. 

During the Fall your coaches will continue to send out email and the occasional Zoom workouts, but only to swimmers that have registered for the Fall.

Any swimmers showing up for practice at the Life center must:

  • Be registered and paid for the Fall session 
  • Be wearing a mask
  • Have their suit on as we will not be accessing the locker room
  • Maintain social distance at all time, yes even in the water.
  • Any gear bags or swim bags must be spaced 6' apart