Regarding Our New Schedule

Good morning,

There are several questions that I am going to field here, since it is most likely there are others who have the same questions.

Pool Locations

Arrowhead Pool: 1475 W Erie St, Chanlder 85224

Desert Oasis Aquatic Center: 1400 W Summit Pl, Chandler 85224

Evo (Pecos): 2161 E Pecos Rd, Gilbert 85295

Maximum Weekly Swims

The maximum number of swims are posted alongside the group names in the Event Description where I listed the schedule and location. If you have signed for more swims than that, please remove the extra sign ups. If all our times are effectively supported, and there are openings, then I will increase the number of swims most groups can participate in for next week.

How long is CUSD closing all facilities to rentals?

To be clear, all non-CUSD programs have been shut out of renting CUSD facilities. The official word is "until further notice". Speculation is we could be back when students return to in person learning. Bottom line is, I do not know. I have contracted our current pool time through the end of September. We will re-evaluate and hopefully know more by mid-September. All I do know is based on CUSD's patterns thus far, we may only get 6-48 hours notice of re-opening from the district office. At whatever point we are given notice CHS is re-opened, we will first honor our rental contracts with the City and Evo because they have gone above and beyond to help us, then we will return to CHS.

Adjacent Group Flexibility

The schedule has already mixed up groups quite a bit to offer families as many options as we can muster for getting swims in during the week, while trying to maximize the 16 spots available for each swimming slot. Flexibility first goes to multi-swimmer families to avoid a family driving so many different directions all day long. After I can review with coaches how this first week has gone, I will consider implementing another level of flexibility. I've heard from several about the challenges of this schedule. I get it, but we have to get it running first before I start implementing too many nuances that we completely lose track of what we're doing. It's a bit a munster already.

Hope these answers help,

Coach Bryan