SAC News 8/27/20


SAC Parents!

Thank you for everyone's support and interest in our SAC fall training sessions.  We are dotting the I's and crossing the T's on our fall season.  We expect to have our registration up and running within the next 48 hours and excited that we can provide a meaningful experience for our SAC members.

We have secured two local outdoor pools that are or will be heated and have solar covers to provide your children with a comfortable training environment.  This has taken an enormous amount of time and resources to get this plan together so we thank you again for your support and patience in this process.

Our plan is to run two training groups (Spartan and Pride) at these local sites and offer practices FIVE days a week!  This would allow our athletes to get into great shape starting after Labor Day and conclude the fall season with a virtual meet sometime in mid to late October depending on weather outlook.

Due to spacing in the lanes we need to limit our registrations so please register as soon as possible before space runs out.  We will give our SAC members first chance to register before we open registration to non-SAC members.  Please know that SAC is one of the very few SAL/USA clubs in the area that were able to pull this off so interest is EXTREMELY high and we expect our space to fill quickly.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing everone back in the pool!