August 27, 2020

Dear Gator Families.

            The Gators Board and Coach Andrew are excited to announce the partnership of the Webster Swim Association and Irondequoit Swim Club! 

            In these difficult and unusual times pool time has been extremely difficult to obtain at the cost and hours we are accustomed to.  Both of our Irondequoit pools are unable to commit to giving Gators pool time this fall.  Additionally, the Board has explored many options to get ALL Gators back in the pool this fall, and we are proud to say this option is the best for ALL Gators.

            Webster Swim Association operates the Webster Blue Fins and will now operate Irondequoit Gators out of the Webster Aquatic Center.   The partnership will consist of a consolidation of our coaches and board.  Coach Andrew will be the Assistant Head Coach to Head Coach Rob Wahl.  I will be taking a co-vice president position on the Executive Board as well.  Both Boards feel very strongly about keeping the interest of our swimmers and promoting the sport of swimming. This is the most important thing we can do as a swim club.  This partnership will accomplish that.  Our Boards also feel very strongly about keeping the Gators name and traditions alive as part of the partnership.

            What does this mean for our swimmers and families? 

·        Exclusive use of the Webster Aquatic Center for practice

·        Guaranteed practice time like what Gators had in previous years.

·        The continuation of the Irondequoit Gator tradition and name

·        Our Coaching staff will be working with Webster coaching staff

·        Improved coach to swimmer ratio

·        Affordable – Cheaper than what Gators would have to charge for renting non-high school pools.

·        Members Participation agreement allows for significant pay back of dues for volunteering.

·        Year-round practice.

·        Meet hosting.

·        No need to buy new equipment or suits.  Gators gear is WELCOMED!

·        Not ready to commit? Free trial starts 9/12/2020


The fall season registration will open on 9/1/2020.  No need to panic, Gators are guaranteed a registration spot. Gators swimmers will be registered as Webster swimmers on the Webster web site.  There will be a special link provided to Gators families for registration. 


There will be at least 2 informational ZOOM calls to help with the transition.  The first will be Monday 8/31/2020 at 7pm with the Gators Board to answer questions about the partnership.  The Second will be on Wednesday 9/2/2020 with Gators and Webster representative on hand to answer all your questions.  I will send separate e-mails with the links.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to Myself, Coach Andrew or any of the board members with questions you may have. 


Links to Webster Resources:

Membership Fee Schedule

Practice Group Descriptions

Member Participation Agreement


Coach Andrew, Coach Rob the Gators Board and the Webster Board are all committed to making this transition as smooth as possible!

Best Regards,

Scott Wood                                                                Andrew Kuter