Air Quality Information

The Info On Air Quality:

We have been directing folks to to see if we would have practice.

However the site has a setting that allows for smoke coming from wood fires.

It pops up on the Map Data Layer:?

You have to adjust the settings on the second line second box that says NONE.

You have to adjust that to settings to: LRAPA.

Based on these settings we look to be safe to have practices. Otherwise we will email swimmers for that day. In addition to posting under "Team News".

Burgess uses these numbers and stops childrens programs such as lessons at levels above 130, and closes above 150.


Sorry this is very confusing. With this being the third year of fires, you would think we knew a few things.

We will also post more info to help you make an informed decision. If you would like to cancel a practice based on Air Index, please text (650) 851-9091 and cancel online.

Also if your looking to pick up a day that you missed check the site. We do have 20 missed swims from this week. So chances are not really good that you will find one.

Here is the info regarding the Air Quality: