Swimming starts this week!


WELCOME TO 2020-2021 YEAR!! 


Dear Glacier Bear families, 

We are so excited to see you back again. It’s been an exceptionally long break from the pool and I could not be happier to return to action this week.  

This year, as we can all anticipate, will come with some challenges, but we want to work hard for all of you so that swimming continues to be FUN and EXCITING.  

WGB is a strong club, full of talent and committed people and I am very proud of being part of this program. Last year we had short go due to COVID-19, so let’s make this new start a much better opportunity to show what we really are capable of! 

Carmen Escobar, WGB Head Coach


Important information for swim start this week!

1. Register!  Registration is opening to new members this week, so register now to save your spot.

2. Make sure you have submitted payment information

3. Complete the Code of Conduct & Ethics----this needs to be read and you need to “signup” in the event in order to have your athlete swim

At the pool

Please note, there is no deck time (stretching, activation) and there is NO access to changerooms before entering the water.  Arrive ready to swim!  No parents are not allowed on the pool deck---please drop off your swimmer at the front doors of the CGC.  After swimming, swimmers only have 15 minutes in the changeroom.  There are no showers allowed and every swimmer will have a designated spot in the changeroom.  Check your practice end time and be waiting outside for pick up within 10 minutes of that time.

Our return to sport plan involves a daily screening of our athletes and coaches, including checking temperatures and sanitizing hands. Please be aware that if swimmers are not feeling well, they will have to return home. We will be doing daily routine questions to make sure we are following the requirements to run our program and to ensure the safety of everyone else. If your swimmer is not feeling well please , please keep them at home.

Please be mindful of CGC policies so we can continue to swim this season.

Equipment order

We are planning an equipment order (fins, snorkels, etc) this month.  Please stand by for details.

 Alyson Stopps, WGB Administrator