Practices set to to start on 10/5

 Good Morning PVAC families,

I hope everyone is safe, healthy, and enjoying the first few weeks 'back' in school.

We are currently set to begin practicing for PVAC on Oct 5.  We are in the process of finalizing groups and practice times, but are holding out on posting them until we see if the indoor capacity limits are raised.  If this happens groups and times will change.  Practices will be on week nights as usual, but every group will also get a Saturday practice.

I understand that folks like to plan and that with lots of activites starting back up, the juggling of schedules is back.  We will do our best to update things in a timely manner, but given the uncertainty and ever changing guidance from the state and school, things will be changing often.

Stay tuned and be safe,

The PVAC coaches and board 

Swim Partners