As we get ready to restart swimming please remember Safety First!

Welcome!  As we get ready to restart swimming please remember Safety First!


We need your help and cooperation to make sure we are keeping our athletes, coaches, parents, families and friends safe.


Here is how you can help:


When you come to practice have your suit on and bring your practice gear (remember no sharing gear).  We are not allowed to dress in the locker rooms.


Wear masks at all times and take them off once you are ready to get in the water and start practice.


After exiting your vehicle with a mask,  while still outside please give the coach at the door your completed COVID form and at that point they will do a thermal scan.  


The coach will tell each swimmer their lane location for practice so each swimmer will have their own lane.  Example: starting block end Lane 1 or turn end lane 8.  The coaches will help you if you need it.


We would prefer not to have bathroom breaks during practice.  In the event of emergency, we will provide you with chlorox wipes so you can wipe down surfaces before and after using them.


At the conclusion of practice, please dry off in your area and the put on your mask when ready and a coach will escort back to the parking lot out a different door.  


FUMA will only allow coaches and swimmers to enter the facility (parents must remain in their vehicles) so if for any reason you need your swimmer prior to the conclusion of practice please call or text Coach Nathan at (540) 894-7228 or Coach Cos at (434) 962-1168