Changes to Schedule and Locker Room Use
Good afternoon, 
I hope you all had an opportunity to enjoy this gorgeous day. I am writing as we do have some changes in our schedule moving forward. 
Monday-no changes
Tuesday/Thursday-no changes
Friday-no changes for Level 2, Level 3 will practice from 5:15-6:30 pm and Level 4 from 5-6:30 pm. 
Saturday-Level 1 will practice at 8:40 am, Level 2 at 9:15 am, Level 3 from 8:45-10:00 am, Level 4 from 8:30-10:00 am. 
In addition, we are now able to use the locker rooms. We are asking all swimmers to still come in their bathing suits ready to swim and to bring their bags on deck with them. They will be allowed to use the locker room at the end of their practice time. The swimmers will not be able to use the lockers but the showers and changing stalls will be available. We are responsible as a team to clean the stall after each use so if there are any parents willing to help spray down the stalls, please let me know! We could use some extra help! The children will still need to be speedy in the locker rooms as there are other groups that follow our swimming time that will need to get into the locker room as well. 
We also ask that you bring your swimmers as close to their swim time as possible. Many swimmers are getting dropped off very early and there is not always an adult outside with them or watching them. Masks must be worn at all times by our team members outside while waiting for entry into the building. 
Please let me know if you have any questions. We are having a great time working with your kids and we hope they come home happy and tired! 
Thank you,