PVAC Update 10-25-2020

Good Evening PVAC families,

A few updates, this week there will be no practice on Thursday or Saturday (except the tigershark group at a new time 8:00am to 9:30am) due to home water polo games. 

The schedule for the first week of Nov has been added to the calendar, it is the same as the October schedule, we will be updating the rest of Nov once we confirm when water polo is over.

Also, please remind your swimmers to wear their masks when entering and exiting the pool, this is very important as it is part of our safety agreement with the school.  Also, please be on time as we only have two coaches on deck and we want them coaching not getting temperatures and collecting forms once practice has started, please be respectful to the other swimmers in your group.

Finally, and most importantly we wanted to thank everyone for making the first month of the season happen successfully.  I have seen all the swimmers maintaining social distancing while waiting to enter the pool, standing quietly and patiently. When they are in the pool we see them swimming hard, having fun, and following the safety rules. Please thank your swimmers and keep up the good work.

Thank you and be safe

PVAC Coaches and Board 

Swim Partners