Marauders Update

Good afternoon, 

I hope you are all doing well. We miss the kids and hope they are staying busy and active during this time. 

I am writing to provide you with an update regarding Marauders practices. I had a lengthy conversation with the Vermont Department of Health yesterday and with a local physician that cares deeply about our team. The Vermont Department of Health thanked us for reaching out and restated that we can not hold practices at this time as ALL organized recreational activities are paused at this time. While this news disappoints us, it is not surprising with the uptick in COVID cases in our community and surrounding communities. I offered several scenarios as to how we might keep practices running and safe but the crossing of households is something we just can't eliminate and the state has deemed these activities to be unsafe at this time for our team. A local physician also shared these same facts and also feels that practicing at this time for the Marauders would be unsafe. We are hoping to reevaluate after December 15th. That is a date that has been given to us as the next check in. 

We are saddended but these updates but it is our priority to keep our swimmers, their families and coaching staff healthy and safe at this time. 

We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your day and please know that we are grateful for all of you as we navigate these difficult times.