December Practice Schedule


Swimmers and Parents-

Here is the link for the December Practice Schedule:  /wissc/UserFiles/Image/QuickUpload/december-schedule-2020_091373.pdf

A couple of notes:

We are staying at a max of 4 swimmers per lane, which is the last step in our progression. This is still well below the capacity allowed for both pools, and November went well with this number. Swimmers have done a great job following the protocol, and will continue to reinforce the expectations. Some groups (SL) will stay at 2 per lane, and many will still only have 2-3 per lane based on group size and attendance. 

SL - practices will run Nov. 30-12/18, and then we take a break through the Winter Break and start up againJanuary 4th.

AG, JR, HSP and Senior - there are no changes from November, but we are seeing a slight decline in attendance. Please try to attend as often as possible if you and your family are healthy, but do NOT attend if you or a family member is in COVID-19 protocol.

We will offer practices (AG/JR/HSP/SR) the Monday through Wednesday of each week over Winter Break, but are unable to use the facility on Thursday-Sunday. We are waiting to see when we will be allowed in the pools during that time, and will get a schedule out as soon as we hear from Rec.

In addition, we are reviewing and revising our COVID-19 protocol, and an update will be available by next week. 

Please let us know if you have any questions,