Welcome to the new Board!

The WGB AGM took place last Saturday and we would like to announce the Board of Directors for the 2020/21 swim season!

President - Marni Delaurier

Vice President - Sheldon Cull

Secretary - Ellen Thomas

Treasurer - Maria Hallock


Fiona Bakica

Randy Hallock

Lisa Harvey

Cam Kingscote

Liza Mannen

Many thanks to retiring board members Crystal Birmingham, George Harvey, Marcia Lalonde, Doug Petriw, Desiree Martsinkiw, Wanda Robbins, James Stewart, and Jennifer Wallace.  They have worked very hard over the years to ensure the success of our club and we thank them for their hard work!

And a huge thank you to George Harvey and Cam Kingscote for their many years of dedicated service as President and Vice President respectfully.  Their tremendous work on behalf of the club over the past years will leave a legacy for many years to come.