Swim Team News 7/18


•  Meet Report

            Excellent job against both Sheridan Beach and View Ridge. I know that our Shoreline School District swimmers love to race against their school buddies. It’s also fun to race in a modern 8-lane pool like View Ridge’s. One more dual meet to go!


•  Pancake Breakfast – Tuesday 7/20

            We’re looking for a few good men/women/volunteers.  Please help us put together Tuesday’s pancake breakfast. I’ll get the supplies from Costco, but we need set up help, cooks and cleaners for Tuesday morning.  Even a one-hour shift would be great. The swimmers will be eating in waves – right after each practice is done. If you have an electric fry pan (or an industrial grill) that we can borrow, please let us know. We’ll also need spatulas, wisks, and mixing bowls. Please contact  Tim Surdyk or Matt Edwards if you can help.


• Prelims/B-Meet info

            Championship Season is upon is. Here’s how it works – if you have a qualifying time, then plan on attending Prelims. Those without one can still qualify at Friday’s B-Champs. Shannon will be making the B-Champs lineup on Wednesday morning. Email her with your 3 favorite events and she’ll enter you in them. Some kids that don’t qualify are sometimes still on a B relay at prelims. Be sure to check the missing meet form if you are not available. Remember – you must be in town for North Finals and All-Cities to be eligible for Prelims. We’ll post the B-Champs lineup on Thursday and the Prelims lineup on Friday morning. Be sure to email your coaches if you have any questions about events. We’re also required to bring 3-6 timers and a stroke and turn judge to both Prelims meets, North Finals, and All-Cities. Let me know if you are available.


• Girl’s Prelims Snack Bar

            Rhonda Okazaki has done an outstanding job with the snack bar this year. Please help us finish strong! We need baked good donations and about 20 people to help during this huge meet.


We need help with the following – 

Costco Shopping Run

Prep/Set Up


Clean Up


Ice Pick Up & Delivery to Club


Even if you don’t have a swimmer in prelims, we would love your help. The other clubs provide most of the timers, so we should have some additional bodies available for the snack bar. Please  email Rhonda if you can help.


• Last Saturday Stroke Clinic Coming Up

            Our last stoke clinic is this Saturday at 9:00am.  We’re focusing on race strategies and technique. Pre-register or just drop in. Cost is $10.


• Race Classes

            Sign up for Swim Lessons & Race Classes in the office. Race Classes are now available as either one or two week classes. One week - $25, Two weeks - $40.


• Banquet/Potluck

            Our banquet is on Wednesday, August 5. Potluck starts at 6:00pm, awards ceremony starts around 6:40pm. Plan on bringing a picnic blanket for the grass!

Potluck assignments (by last name) -

Salad – A – F

Dessert – G – N

Main Dish – O - Z


•  Meet Staging

            It’s been a bit hectic getting some of our relay swimmers to the blocks in recent meets. When we are at another team’s pool, remember to go through the “Clerk-of-Course” area. That’s where you check in and get lined up. We’ll try and have an improved system at our home meets next year so that the behind-the-blocks procedure is more consistent at both home and away meets.


 •  Sweats

            All orders are in. Please pick up items in the office. There are still a few suits from the first order to be picked up.


•  Lost & Found

            Girl’s size 28 - team suit found at View Ridge. We’ll put it our Lost and Found Monday. Also, brand new boys medium Aqua Club hooded sweatshirt is missing. Last name of  “Edwards” on the back.  Not sure whose kid that is…