January Message from Head Coach



Dear WGB families,

I trust this email finds you well. Let us start 2021 with new hope that things will get better little by little and at the same time, appreciate we are all together and healthy.

WGB program was fortunate to be able to start back in September, and not only that, but be able to continue all the way to Christmas break without interruptions. That was not the reality for 90% of the country if we look carefully through all the shutdowns and second waves most of the provinces experienced. We are now starting the 2021 phase of this season, and its looking even more promising for us.

It has been said enough that 2020 came with lots of challenges and lessons learned. At this point, every swim program in the world is facing similar setbacks, and it will come down to stay united and work together to overcome every challenge. As we move forwards, I think it is important to recognize two things:

  • To Be very thankful with our membership for supporting the start of the year and make WGB 2020-2021 season a successful reality so far;
  • To understand we have still lots of work to do to make sure our athletes are not missing out on opportunities. The proper development of our swimmers falls on everyone’s shoulders: coaches, parents, officials, and volunteers

With all of that being said, WGB coaching staff worked hard to set a preliminary calendar of events that can help us assess the work being done every day at practice. With restrictions still in place for the next 3-5 months, it will be 100% on us to offer opportunities to our swimmers to improve.

The involvement of every parent to make these events happen is essential. We will not be able to run events without your help. If your swimmer is participating, please consider volunteering to make the event happen. If your swimmer is not participating, please still consider volunteering to learn new skills, to support the club, to be part of something good not just for your swimmer, but for everyone.

I believe we have a good momentum as a club. We have shown we can do things the right way and we have managed to run events at 100% compliance, with great performances and small victories across the board. The second part of the year will require a lot more work, so we will need everyone’s commitment and support to not only continue but to be successful.

On this subject, it is important to add and clarify, that while the perception could be for some families that a lot of time trials are happening and that could eventually be impacting our training time, I would like to say in the first place to please trust your coaches on this. Our club on regular seasons does not get enough racing opportunities compared to everyone else, now imagine during this odd 2020-2021 year with everything cancelled and little chances to perform.  Let’s not forget we are a competitive program seeking for excellence in and out of the pool, and racing is what gives purpose to everything we do.  


Stay tuned for more information about upcoming time trials and virtual meets we are preparing, and we look forward to seeing you on deck. Let us use these opportunities to build new relationships, new connections and keep the strength of the club with the help of everyone to ensure a positive future of the program that will impact every single swimmer.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out. I am here to help.


Maria del Carmen Escobar, Head Coach, WGB.