Swimming Starts Today!

Good morning, 

We are so excited that we can resume swimming today! Please remember to wear your masks at all times when entering and exiting the building. Only swimmers are allowed into the building. Parents are not permitted to observe at this time due to COVID restricitions. We ask that you please be waiting for your child in the parking lot at the end of their practice time. If parents do enter the building for other reasons, please be sure you are wearing a mask. 

We will be taking temperatures at the door. Please wait when dropping off your child for a few minutes to be sure they are not sent back out. We will need to call you to return right away if your child is running a temperature or has any COVID symptoms. We also ask that if you have been exposed to COVID or have traveled to unsafe areas, that you not attend practice. We are doing our best to keep our community safe and keep everyone swimming. 

Please pay off all fall balances before the start of practice today. You can view your invoice by logging into your Marauders account. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. All coaching staff will be following COVID guidelines and will be masked as well. We will enforce social distancing while on deck and in the pool as well. 

Thank you for your understanding as we start our 2020 winter season. 

See you all soon!