Practice Schedule: Jan 25 - Feb 6th

Swimmers and Parents-

The practice schedule for Jan. 25 - Feb 6 is here:  /wissc/UserFiles/Image/QuickUpload/janfeb-schedule-2021-revised_003149.pdf

There are some changes to Tuesdays/Thursdays now that Recreation is running swimming lessons on those nights.

WSL will be earlier, with the 5:50 group moving to 3:50-4:20, and the 6:30 group moving to 4:20-4:50. We may be able to combine, and run from 4:00-4:40 - please keep your eyes open for that change.

AGB will be in the SHS at 4:00.

AGS will be combined between AGB and AGG to fill open lanes in those groups.

AGG may have some small changes in group placement.

JR/HSP will be in SHS at 7:15

SRR will be divided, with all HS age swimmers from 6:00-7:30 AM in the SHS, and all 8th graders in the VHE from 3:30-5:00. This will only be for two weeks, and we will be able to have everyone back in the PM starting Feb. 8. We are working with Alex to fit in Strength and Conditioning earlier on T/Th afterrnoons, and swimmers who have been doing doubles will be down to one day (Friday), so they will not have to wake up as often.

If you absolutely cannot make this schedule, please let us know, and we may (no promises) be able to make a change.